Film duration: 10' 43''

Available to screen in HDCamSR, HDCam, Digibeta and DVD




Colette -

'Hammered' was shot on the varicam, (aspect ratio 16 x 9  1.1:78) and filming took place in houses on Cotswold Road, Windmill Hill, Bristol.

The Director of Photography, Dan Rack, was supported by a fantastic professional crew, as well as students from Bristol University, all working at lightning speed to get the film shot in only two and half days. This was a great achievement as there were mainly  interior night scenes to shoot.


The horror influence

Colette -

Although I am a great fan of horror films I didn't want to chuck a load of gore into the film (as most people who know me would expect to see) but still wanted to make a black comedy thriller set against a background of horror styles, which is reflected in the typical horror title font designed by Glenn Lewis and the strong use of red lighting created by Dan Rack.


Colette -

I originally wrote a rough draft about a husband and wife confronted by a self defence problem when a burglar breaks into their home and started telling the story from the point of view of the couple. But when I asked Guy Ducker, an experienced scriptwriter of short films to take on the idea, he decided to tell the story from the point of view of the burglar which ended up being much more interesting. Ironically, after Guy had finished writing his first draft, he was burgled and his laptop which contained his only copy of the script was stolen.

The Actors        


 Tony the Burglar is played by Paul Mundell.

 Agent: Actors International Ltd. Tel: 0207 2429300    Paul Mundell's CV




Maggie the Wife is played by Jenny Coverack.  Jenny Coverack's CV




 Michael the Husband is played by

 Cameron Stewart





The police officers are real police officers played by

Lee Patterson and Rachel Caithness


Post production



Joanna Crickmay (Editor), tried to create a feeling of suspense using sound and unexpected changes in pace. She tried to play on the audience's expectations to maximise the impact of the dramatic shift.

Sound Design and Music

The opening scene is underpinned by Peter Howell's (Sound design/dubbing mixer) urban sound scape which differentiates the outside world from the unexpectedly unsettling interior of the home where the drama unfolds. The music by Oliver Ledbury and Kid Carpet not only heightens the tension but creates a sense of irony, making light of the bizarre situation in which the characters find themselves.


The grading was carried out by Tony Osborne (Colourist) at Films@59 on the Nucoda Film Master by Digital Vision - a specialist grading system designed primarily for feature films and commercials. Tony used the advanced isolation tools to create a highly saturated look, but keeping the characters'  flesh tones natural. He used the Bezier tool to draw multiple shapes to add areas of dark shadows to enhance the rather claustrophobic feeling that had already been achieved on the shoot.