Producer and Director: Colette Chambers


For 13 years Colette Chambers has worked as a freelance film editor (Colette Hodges). She has also directed six half hour regional documentaries for HTV West Bristol and has made four short dramas.


Ouija - a spoof horror, shot on Beta Sp was made with the help of friends pulling a few favours.

Over Exposed - a quirky comedy drama shot on super 16 about a woman questioning her relationship with her hopeless boyfriend, starring Kaye Wragg (No Angels, The Lakes, The Bill) was commissioned and broadcast by HTV West Bristol in 2000, with a budget of £17,000 and screened at Isola Tiberina Film Festival in Rome 2000.

Briefcase - a four minute comedy drama shot on super 16 about a woman who manipulates her boyfriend into using the contents of an abandoned briefcase, was made on a budget of £3,000 through self and private funding with screenings at Raindance Film Festival 2001, Isola Tiberina Festival, Rome 2002, Hamburg Film Festival 2002 and ITV West Bristol.

Hammered - Colette's latest film was completed in April 2009. It was made on a budget of £4,000. A car boot sale was held to raise money for the props and the rest of the budget was self funded.